Best Lingerie Brands in the UK

If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom in the near future and you want to add some amazing lingerie pieces to your collection then you must know exactly what are the best brands in this country. We will talk about some of them in this article so that you go straight to the best shops and spend your money on something truly impressive.

David Nieper

This is an excellent British fashion house that designs and manufactures for more than 50 years of luxury women’s clothing including lingerie. The team is passionate about growing local skills and also support sustainable manufacturing in the United Kingdom. Every single part of the manufacturing process of their own label garments takes place in Alfreton, the place where the studio and the workrooms are.

Ayten Gasson

This luxury silk lingerie label is very appreciated in England due to its high-quality materials. Ayten is also known for the use of Nottingham lace, highlighting the traditional skills which the United Kingdom was celebrated for in the past. AG sources all eco materials from the only supplier in England who specializes in organic silks. Elastics and trims are made in the United Kingdom were possible.

Luva Huva

What we can say about Luva Huva is that it makes extremely feminine and delicate lingerie. Furthermore, all the items are made with eco-friendly fabrics which are without a doubt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. The production, the pattern making, and also the sewing is carried out in the studio from Brighton. We highly recommend you to visit one of their stores and buy some lingerie items in order to impress your partner.

Dainty Lady

Most of the Dainty Lady items are especially made for the petite bust and figure by using only high-quality fabrics such as lace and silk. All the merchandise is designed and also individually handmade by a professional team right in the heart of England, in Derbyshire. There is no doubt that Dainty Lady products are absolutely gorgeous.


Lucile is also one of the best lingerie brands in the UK. This British label certainly has a unique heritage. Every item is hand-made in Great Britain, which is absolutely amazing. Lucile lingerie pieces are just like some works of art that will surely make any woman look absolutely fabulous.

Kinky Knickers

Kinky Knickers was actually launched by Mary Portas, a retail guru and TV personality. These wonderful lace pants are made of Nottingham lace and they are manufactured by Headen & Quarmby. This brand is very popular in England not only for high-quality materials but for the large range of models and colors as well. Therefore, any woman who wants to add a few lovely lingerie pieces to her collection should definitely go for Kinky Knickers.

If you are visiting England and you want to buy some amazing lingerie items then all the above brands are well known in the United Kingdom for their excellent materials and designs. Visit their shops and buy some items that will make you feel ultra feminine and that will highly impress your partner.

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